We kindly invite the scientific centres and scientists, as well specialist physicians and medical centres in Poland and abroad to mutual cooperation.

Every year big amounts of money are spent in Poland on researches for medicine. The effectiveness of those researches defined as the number of research projects related do the number of applied implementations is very low.

In Poland, in the area of researches for medicine it means 5 to 8 implementations per 1,000 projects made by universities and research centres.

One of the main reasons of that situation occurrence is lack of the intermediary units operating between industry and scientific and medical centres - i.e. lack of organisation and the companies which could realize and supervise the whole process from a project stage through scientific researches till to its implementing and production.

BioImplant is an organisation which creates such a facility for smooth operation and development of the research Project and developing works results, directed to the latest material technologies for medicine. Currently the company, on the basis of concluded relevant agreements has been performing a project called – bioresorbable bone substitute. Our operating plans include the next projects- we kindly invite you to get acquainted with detailed information on a website Researches and Development.

The opportunity to participate in creation of new product, which may significantly modernize the applied medical technologies- thus enabling to make bigger number of medical treatments simultaneously maintaining the lower costs.
The opportunity to participate in clinic researches of new products.
The opportunity of commercialization of the scientific researches results.
The opportunity of publication of scientific works In the area of clinical researches results – in magazines.

Thanks to participation in commercialized projects, the opportunity to participate in medical symposiums and conferences organized
in Poland and abroad.
Financial benefits.

We kindly invite you to personal contact with us to get the detailed information about the terms and opportunity of mutual cooperation.